Vince Emerson Media began as a YouTube channel in 2011. We have released many works of original fiction and music for you to enjoy! Treat yourself, or someone you love, to some of the great DVDs, CD's and digital downloads we have available!

DVD cover art pictured above.

DVD cover art pictured above.

Windigo (2011)

List Price: $10.99

94 minutes, NTSC

UPC: 886470341986

WELCOME TO BONVILLE -- Population: 10
In June of 2004, a group of film students and actors from Toronto camp out on the property of one of this town's only residents. With uncooperative actors, technical problems, and of course swarms of mosquitos, the project they went there to film quickly goes downhill. Brandon, the camera man, starts noticing strange things on the tapes, and people start acting weird. Could the people of Bonville have something to hide? 
In this found-footage horror movie from the indie studio VINCE EMERSON MEDIA, you'll get 94 minutes of horror, suspense, humour, and action. After the feature film, watch the half-hour "making-of" featurette and a selection of extended scenes. 
Based on the Internet urban legend of the "Slender Man".


Let's Go To Mexico! - James Hardiment (2011)

List Price: $9.99

37 minutes, 10 tracks
Vince Emerson Media

UPC: 886470368525

A compilation of James Hardiment's early musical works, from the adventurous "Let's Go to Mexico" and "Tropical Island", to the romantic disco ballad "When I Look Into Her Eyes". Also included is an extended version of "Somethin' in the Woods", a song from the motion picture "Windigo".

"Wine" single cover art pictured above.

"Wine" single cover art pictured above.

Wine - James Hardiment (2016)

James Hardiment is back with a brand new single. "Wine" is a catchy dance pop tune that deals with issues like crushes with a girl and anxiety issues. Upbeat yet a little bit dark Hardiment comes back into music stronger than ever!

You can watch the official music video here with links to iTunes and Amazon in the video description!